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An important message to our Pier 11 Wall Street customers.

September 28, 2018

To Our Pier 11 Wall Street Customers,

We are aware that the congestion at Pier 11 is creating highly difficult conditions for our customers and practically all others who use that facility.  In recognition of the difficulties, we and the City have several individuals in our employ who are assigned to ground control and scheduling duties.

We know our customers are troubled and that there is no means by which crowd control can be managed aurally because of the inadequacy of the bullhorns to project voice instructions to passengers when necessary, drowned out by the sheer sound activity at the Pier.  To further ameliorate the difficult conditions, it is our intention to propose a loudspeaker system that would be operated, presumably, by our people to announce arrivals, departures and other various scheduling information which should be known by all passengers at the Pier.  This improvement may take some of the chaos out of the present conditions.  We will do our utmost to instantly hasten a study of the sound system and we will take our case directly to our managers at the City operation so that they understand how urgently we need these measures.

We, along with the other operators, are working with the City to control the timeliness of the arrivals and departures. We have instructed our Captains that they must leave on time and not delay departures beyond the schedule that we have established for our fleet there.  We urge our passengers to arrive on time.  The power to control the disciplines of slip assignments and the enforcement of as tight a schedule as possible is critical to a smooth and efficient operation of the Pier.  We realize abuses by operators who at times overstay scheduled times in slips throws the whole schedule out of kilter and this is unacceptable if a pier this busy is to be operated with any degree of reasonable control and order. We will comply with our scheduled departures and slip assignments and insist that the City enforce the same discipline on all that use the Pier.

Again, please understand that we do not have the power to change anything from the present situation without City approval.  We are going to do our utmost to work with the City and other operators to obtain approval and make necessary changes.  While we have no way of predicting the outcome, you may be sure we are aware of the difficult conditions and are committed to improving the facility for all that use it daily. 

We still stand for the same high quality of service, but in this case at this moment, we are constrained by our lack of authority to do more on your behalf.

Thank you for your understanding.


Arthur E. Imperatore

Founder & President