October, 2018

Commuter Spotlight

Name of Ferry Commuter - Steve Apple
Route Taken - Weehawken

Purpose of Taking Ferry - A stress free commute.

About a year and a half ago, Steve took the ferry just to check out how long it takes to get to work via the boat. It was easy to get spoiled with a short free bus ride to the dock and an 8 minute cruise across the river. The only traffic experienced? The QE2 pulling out to sea a few times, which is pretty cool. Sure beats dealing with the Lincoln Tunnel and Port Authority.

The quick 8 minute trip, and million dollar unobstructed views are his favorite parts of commuting on NY Waterway. Steve gripes when there are ad wrappers on the windows, but not enough to go back to the bus.

Steve grew up in Miami and moved to the area about five years where he lives with his wife.

He works in media where his job is to make sure that the client's experience is as painless as possible while they publish content to the worldwide web.

Steve loves live music. Find him at venues when New Orleans music, funk, rock, blues or jazz is playing. He likes to travel, typically to the mountains in the Summer, and tropics in the winter.

Watch Steve's entry in NY Waterways competition on YouTube:

You can follow Steve on Twitter at @SteveMiami

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