May, 2019

Commuter Spotlight

Hey everyone! My name is Kyle. I have been commuting into Manhattan for about 8 months on the NY Waterway Ferry. It’s great! After taking the bus into the city, riding the ferry is a little luxury each day. Being able to get to my office in midtown in about 20 minutes (door-to-door) is priceless. I am from Ohio, so my family and friends think it’s really awesome that I get to take a boat everyday to work – and I agree! It’s definitely cool.
I have become a little bit of a NY Waterway nerd recently. You’ll see me tweeting photos on my daily commute. I often take the first ferry to Midtown in the mornings, so I can’t help taking photos of the beautiful summer sunrise over the New York City skyline. Also, I try to take better photos than my work buddy @AnthonyQuintano. So far he’s the “iPhoneography” expert, but I am getting better! You can give him a hard time if you see him. He’s a bigger ferry nerd than me!
I moved here a little more than a year ago for a job with NBC News and have really enjoyed living so close to the city. On the weekends, I tend to lay low and relax, as the city craziness can sometimes be overwhelming, but I do enjoy trying some of the city’s great restaurants and hanging out with friends and family.
Feel free to say hey if you see me, or pass on a story idea! Always looking for fun, inspirational stories to tell. And if I stand in your way to get a great shot from the ferry, feel free to kick me outta your way!


Some photos from my travels with NY Waterway:

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