May, 2021

Bus Locator

Bus Locator Still Proving to be a Success with Commuters! Commuters and tourists alike are finding this very useful in their travels in and around Manhattan and NJ!


As a reminder to all that may already be using the system, and to those who have yet to try our Locator, all you have to do is bookmark www.nywaterway.com/GPS into your Smartphone, iPad, Microsoft OS, or computer and you will see our buses in operation in real-time!


The routes in service at the time of log-on will appear, and you will see the route of your choice right before your eyes! Our FREE buses in Midtown depart from our 39th Street terminal. The routes NOW include our Manhattan routes in Midtown (34th Street, 42nd Street, 50th Street, 57th Street, Downtown, and East 34th Street). These routes also include PEAK and OFF PEAK routes, depending on the times you log onto the system. Routes also include WEEHWAKEN and our BOULEVARD EAST routes! 


As part of our ongoing efforts to keep you conveniently commuting, the Bus Locator allows NY Waterway riders to track how close a bus is to their current location. Maps of the bus routes are continuously updated with highlighted streets signifying the chosen route. Large red arrows are used to indicate the location of the buses, and the direction in which it is headed. This will surely take the guess-work out of your daily travels!


Don’t have access to the GPS Bus Locator? No worries! You can still access this same system by calling 877-53-BUSES, and one of our friendly representatives will have the ability to tell you where your bus is in relation to where you are, and where you should be standing!


Just a reminder when trying to catch one of our buses in NYC; please make sure you are standing at the appropriate NYC Bus stop along the route, and flag the driver to signal them to stop. Our buses are very distinguishable; with RED, WHITE, and BLUE exteriors and the word FERRY across the top portion of the bus. 


For information on our Bus Locator, please visitwww.nywaterway.com/GPS


For schedule information on all ferries, please visit www.nywaterway.com 

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