Stop the unfair use of Eminent Domain. Please support NY Waterway at Union Dry Dock.

NY Waterway is a vital means of transportation for more than 32,000 commuters each day, especially in times of public transit delays and closures. The Union Dry Dock site is absolutely critical to the continued reliable operation of the NY Waterway Ferry.

Some Important Facts.

NY Waterway legally owns the Union Dry Dock property.

NY Waterway's new facility will not be a heavy refueling station, holding less fuel than most neighborhood gas stations.

NY Waterway's public greenspace will include a promenade, fishing pier and kayak landing. At no cost to taxpayers.

Ferry traffic will be contained to the north, with Hoboken Cove strengthened and protected from further erosion.

Help us stop Hoboken's attempt to seize our legally-owned property!

I, the undersigned, support NY Waterway's plan to create a modern marina maintenance facility with public greenspace at the Union Dry Dock site.

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Hoboken Council Members

Jennifer Giattino
Council President - 6th Ward
Michael DeFusco
1st Ward
Tiffanie Fisher
2nd Ward
Dr. Michael Russo
3rd Ward
Ruben Ramos Jr.
4th Ward
Peter Cunningham
5th Ward
James Doyle
Vanessa Falco