Bus Stops & Schedules

Our FREE buses are frequently seen and always recognized on the street of Manhattan. They follow the most popular routes around the city 7 days a week which include 57th Street, 49th Street, 42nd Street, and 34th Street, as well as a special weekend route to Greenwich Village and Chelsea Vicinity.

Our FREE shuttle buses stop at all NYC bus stops along these routes. All you have to do is wave them down when standing at a bus stop and then just sit back as our comfortable bus transports you directly to Midtown/ W. 39th St. & 12th Ave. 

Buses run daily

Please see individual bus routes for exact peak and off-peak bus times.

Peak Hours
6:10am - 7:40pm
Off Peak Hours:
6:10am - 7:40pm

For real-time bus locations

For faster service: Bookmark and view your designated bus location from your mobile browser www.nywaterway.com/gps or download our Free NY Waterway mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Real-Time GPS Bus Locations


100% of our bus fleet is Wheelchair accessible, you can call us at 800-533-3779.