June, 2020

Commuter Spotlight

My name is Elizabeth “Liz” Jaeger and I am a resident of Keyport, NJ. I have lived in too many zip codes to list but my favorite places have always been close to water. I started taking the ferry as a daily commuter back in 2000 when I became a resident of Weehawken, NJ and discovered the best way to cross the Hudson River. I took a break from the ferry from 2002 until 2011 while I lived in several other locations in NYC, Brooklyn and NJ. My commuting life was changed when I started commuting daily from Belford, NJ to Wall St/Pier 11 in May 2011 and I refuse to look back (unless it’s to take a beautiful picture) and give up my water-crossing bliss. I could probably go on and on about my love for the ferry, but I will keep it short, sweet and simple. The reliability of the ferry is heads above the alternatives, I am always treated with respect and a friendly smile from everyone associated with the Waterway, no matter how their day is going, and the morning coffee is delicious!  I have recently discovered a passion for pictures and I make sure I have my camera with me at all times because I can find a perfect example of the happiness I feel almost every day.

I work in the Finance Industry, like to roller skate, kayak, and take photographs. I was a volunteer firefighter in Sayvill, NY from 1992-1993, before temporarily moving to Austin, Texas. I also love motorcycles!You can follow me on twitter at @ihadtotryit or @turtlecover. I am also on Facebook and I have a personal blog on WordPress (http://haphazardhumorandtopicsofcuriosity.wordpress.com/).

A beautiful sunlit morning at Pier 11

I let my stress disappear with the skyline at the end of the day

Where else can you see the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from stanchion to stanchion but on the ferry?!

The beach as we arrive near Belford

A morning shot of my departure from the Belford terminal (with another ferry on it's way back for more passengers)

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