June, 2020

NY Waterway's East River Ferry

Smooth Sailing on the East River Ferry

NY Waterway? is excited by the overwhelmingly positive response to the East River Ferry, which has been demonstrated by the sheer volume of riders, both before and after the free ridership period. The free period, lasting for the first 12 days of service, drew in nearly 12,000 riders in the first two days alone.

Moving beyond the free period, ridership remained strong. 9,800 riders boarded in the first three days of paid service. "The ridership on the East River Ferry has exceeded our expectations and, even at the start of the pay-period, we have seen high demand for this new transportation service," says Paul Goodman, CEO of Billybey Ferry Company, which operates NY Waterway’s East River Ferry.

Residents of the communities served by the East River Ferry have already demonstrated gratitude for and loyalty to the new service, reinforcing exactly what the East River Ferry was meant to be – a frequent, reliable service that connects Manhattan with various destinations in Brooklyn, Queens and on Governor's Island. "We look forward to continuing to provide service to those along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront, and leisure passengers from Manhattan and beyond,” says Goodman.

East River Ferry is also made popular by the spectacular views of NYC from the river, which offers riders the opportunity to see the city from a new perspective, and the relaxing, hassle-free commute in the fresh air, all with commute times that are faster or comparable to other forms of transportation. “It’s so relaxing! It’s just a great idea and it’s right there,” says Priscilla Terrero, an East River Ferry rider. “My commute is about the same time as if I was taking the L, but I get to see the city from another angle.”

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